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The Battle of the News

Or: The Story of the Battle between Good and Evil

At time's beginning, the First Man ever created woke up in a beautiful Garden and found himself face to face with the One Who Brought Him Forth from Nothingness (the Creator).

It was the First Good News.

Later, the First Man felt incomplete in spite of the myriad of animals and plants, and flowers and fruit trees around him in the Garden. So the One Who Brought Him Forth from Nothingness put him to sleep, and when he woke up, the One presented him with the First Woman, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh. She was to be his companion, his helpmate.

That was the Second Good News.

Shortly afterward, a Serpent slithering on a tree told the First Man and First Woman that the Creator forbade them to eat of the fruit of that tree because that would give them the knowledge of good and evil, like God had, and thus become gods themselves.

That was the First Fake (False) News.

And because they believed the Serpent's First Fake (False) News and not the Creator, they lost their comfortable life in the Garden. But the Creator did not give up on them. He promised He would in time go in Person to the children of their children's children (the Descendants) to invite them back to dwell with Him.

That was the Third Good News.

But then the Serpent and his many cohorts prowling around the world did not give up either. They told the Descendants that they were really gods who had the right to define their own existence and that they could do anything they wanted. They could ignore the Creator Who had actually come in Person.

That was the Second Fake News.

Many of the Descendants believed the Serpent and his cohorts because they wanted to be gods and do anything they wanted, including killing their own children in their mothers' wombs. But there were those who believed the Creator who had announced the Third Good News and had now come in Person. The Creator Who had come in Person said to them: “I am the Truth. I am also the Way. And the Life. If you believe and follow Me you will not walk in darkness. And I will let you live in a Garden extremely better than the original Garden. This is where I dwell."

Many of the Descendants rejoiced in the coming of the Creator in Person and spread that Good News all over the world. Some were even put to death for doing this. But the Serpent, also called the Deceiver and the Father of Lies, was even more wily and cunning than he was in the original Garden. Many of the Descendants of the First Man and the First Woman, fell also into believing the Deceiver. The Deceiver and his cohorts went around the world and told the Descendants: "Different men and women believe differently. You must respect their beliefs. So keep the Creator out of the schools and public places. Do not mention His name in the public square for you will offend those who do not believe in Him."

That was the Third Fake News.

As time went on, battle lines were drawn between the Descendants. They were divided into two camps: those who believed in the Creator who identified Himself as the Truth and followed Him by spreading the Good News, and those who believed the False (Fake) News and followed the Deceiver by spreading lies and deceits themselves.

The battle of the news is a battle between those who believe in the Creator and those who believe in the Father of Lies. It is a battle between good and evil. It is a battle between God and the Devil (D'evil.)

As time progressed, the battle continued to rage in the world, affecting many areas of the lives of the Descendants. The forces of evil seem to be getting stronger and more aggressive. Each day they appear to be gaining the upper hand and are threatening to supplant the forces of good and erasing the Creator in the minds and hearts of all people in the world. They have even become successful in infiltrating the ranks of the followers and leaders of the Creator. Spreading lies and deceits, the followers of the Deceiver have been trying to take power in many countries to erase the previous successful efforts of the followers of the Creator. And now they are spearheading efforts to establish a New World (Global) Order where the Creator has no place (they call it "The Great Reset.")

Will the Serpent and the Father of Lies succeed in prevailing over those who believe in the Creator and the Truth?

We know which side will win in the end. But we should not be complacent. In the meantime, it behooves each of us to stand and fight with faith and fervor under the banner of the Creator, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He will not allow the final victory of the Serpent, who is the Deceiver and the Father of Lies. #


So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32)

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