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"Even If"

There has been a long hiatus on this blog page. The latest post was almost four months ago. Not that there were no ideas to write about; there were many from observations of daily life percolating in mind but they never got translated into words. Writing does not come easy to one without the innate gift, or the formal training for it. But desire sometimes makes it possible. And sometimes, others' writings can inspire you to do your own.

While cleaning out my desk, I saw a message I had written to my family sixteen years ago. It says:

"Dear Family,

Picture the prodigal son coming home, and his father has been waiting for him. When the father sees him from a distance, he runs towards him and embraces him, clothes him with a proper son’s garment, and orders a big celebration for his return.

God the Father is just like that. His love for us is such that whatever we do, He continuously seeks us and waits for us to come back to him. God is so kind, merciful, and forgiving. He keeps us always in the palm of His hands, gazes at us lovingly, and wants us to join ourselves to Him now, and of course, then, when at the close of this our earthy sojourn, He will show us Himself as He really is, and we will then see from there what the true meaning and purpose of this life is. “No eyes have seen, nor ears heard what God has in store for those who love him!”

Daily He calls, without fail. Daily He manifests Himself to us . . . through someone’s few but kind words, through another’s instant smile when we meet him or her even by chance, through the poor that, like Him, bear their crosses patiently, through small acts and gestures of gentleness and compassion. He manifests Himself through people greeting us: “How are you doing?“ and means it by looking at us directly in our eyes and ready to respond to our response, be it that everything is well, or that there is a problem burdening our hearts, or a physical pain that we find difficult to endure.

I look forward to coming home, to the moment when, please God, I will hear the most welcome words: “Come, blessed of My Father . . .” and then I will see Him face to face, having no more cares and no more tears and the trials of life over. This is the same prayer I have for you all!



November 3, 2005"


This letter was inspired by a poem that I saw while browsing the Internet. It is entitled "Even If" by Darlene Eastes.

Even If

Your heart is breaking Your mind is unclear You're tired and restless and full of fear Come to me- Even if You say words you shouldn't You don't do things you should You doubt and try to change but never think you could. Come to me- Even if You thought an evil thought You thought the thought again You turned the thought to action

and now you're bound in sin. Come to me- Even if You say, "But I knew better, I belong to you" Child, I am not surprised by anything you do. I made you in my image I fashioned you with care When you cried tears into your pillow, remember I was there. I have always been and always will I be For even when you do those things, you still belong to me. Even if you do these things, Oh child, don't you see? Even if, even if, you still can come to me. There is a secret place I have created where you may seek my face, this place I have for you is called "The Father's Warm Embrace" And when I have held you in my arms and rocked you, listening closely to your fears, I will place you on my lap and wipe away your tears. Then, I will smile. A smile to let you know I am pleased. For when you hurt and when you sinned, still- you came to me. So, do not draw back from me my child, I am Abba Father to you, remember in my word I said -Behold, I make all things new. I will forgive you, heal you, restore you, I will shower you with grace. I will never turn my back to you, but you will see my face. On your journey home, when I see you I will run..... Even if, Even if, My child, even if just come.

by Darlene Eastes (Used with permission)

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