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The Third Word of Jesus on the Cross: A Reflection

"Woman, behold your son; Son, behold your mother!"

We cannot even imagine what our Lord Jesus is feeling all over His Body as He hangs on the cross. He has painstakingly said two words, one of forgiveness and the other of promise.

And now He looks at His Blessed Mother and the disciple He loves and says; "Woman, behold your son. Son behold your mother."

Even while He is agonizing in the cross, our Lord was a dutiful son. He loved His mother and knowing He was about to leave this world, He wanted someone to take care of her. And so He entrusted her to the disciple He loved.

People often forget that Jesus loved His mother this much and so ignore her. As lovers of Jesus, we cannot but give His Blessed Mother the honor and love He accorded her.

And when He said, "Behold your mother," Jesus is giving his mother to us to be our own mother. Mary is the Mother of the Church. She leads us to her Son. "Do whatever He tells you."

"Holy Mary, mothe r of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour if our death."

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