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Being A Mom


It is Leila's birthday today and her mom admitted to feeling emotional as she excitedly wrote her her birthday greeting splashed over Instagram and Facebook:

"I keep telling you to “grow up,” and now that you are 12, I cannot help but feel emotional. You are now down to your last year of being a kid, then will officially join the teen club next year! 😭. Time has flown by so fast, and no matter how old you get, you will always be my first little girl - the first one to make me a mom, the first grandchild on my side, the first one to go to school, the first one to basically do everything! And although we’ve experienced a few bumps here and there (very tiny ones to be exact), you and I have learned and are continuing to learn more about this mom and daughter relationship. Know that I am proud of all of your achievements at this young age, and I push you because I know you can make it big! Happy 12th birthday, my first born! My life is not complete without you! I love you immensely. ❤️"

Many many years ago, Leila's mom (Lianne) was just a little girl who first attended a pre-K Montessori school together with her older sister. Everyday after school Lianne would immediately jump into bed and ask for milk from her nanny Inday before doing her homework and playing. As the youngest, she was showered special attention by her siblings. Everybody loved her. She was her grandma's favorite granddaughter. 

When she turned 12 (and on all her birthdays) her mom greeted her in the same caring and loving way though not using the exact same words, except the last line: "I love you immensely!" said over and over again.

Most little girls, the joy of their moms (and dads, too), eventually become moms themselves. The love and caring they receive from their moms, and their guidance and sacrifices to prepare them for their adult lives, they will pass on to their own little girls and boys.

I believe that that is one of those things that make life worth living:  moms bringing forth life, loving, and caring, with unselfish giving of themselves for the good of their beloved children. (Another mom in the family has just brought forth another precious daughter and she is just as proud and loving and caring for her.)

Just like God's loving and caring for us, that did not exclude the sacrifice of His Son Who gave up His life to give us a better life . . . one that is without end. 

I also believe that when we look at the face of our moms, we are looking at a reflection of the face of God Who we want to be with . . . all the time!!! #

                         The young Lianne                                                         Lianne the Mom

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