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"You were there . . . You are there . . ."

There are times when some come across a song whose words and music simply touch them and find out they are what they have been thinking of and praying about all the while.

Such is the song "You Were There" by Libera and sung by the Libera Boys Choir and found on YouTube. It has touched me immensely.

The composer of the song must have been one whose life inspired him to write the lyrics and put it into such beautiful plaintive music.

I like the beginning: "You were there," the middle: "You are there, and more so its ending: "Stay with me through the dark, and bring me home." The time frame covers the beginning and the earthly end of man's existence . . . and then ends with home, the home that lasts forever.

The lyrics are shown in the first video. They are beautiful! It is worthwhile following the lyrics and let them sink deep with the music in one's heart.

I think I will often listen to this song, even sing along with it, anytime, anywhere, and feel the comfort and presence of the Lord I want to love with even greater intensity and devotion.#

I am adding this beautiful song " I Am the Day" to this blog. It's just so beautiful!

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