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Fiat: More Than A Small Car

When Pope Francis came to the U.S. in 2015, he chose to ride from the airport and during  much of his visit in a black Fiat, a compact Italian-made car. A small car for a big man!

When God the Son visited earth in human flesh about 2000 years ago, He used someone else's Fiat to make it possible. Mary's.  From all eternity He chose a simple but special and beautiful maiden to carry in her womb the Savior of the world! But God needed her Fiat.

Fiat is the pope's chosen car.

"Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum" (May it be done unto me according to your word) is Mary"s Fiat.

The Solemnity of the Anunciation reminds us to be like Mary who gave her Fiat to God. It reminds us that we are called to be saints, that we are all called to holiness.

How we grow in holiness, how we become saints, is the subject of many sermons, homilies, books, retreats and spiritual treatises. 

Our Lord Jesus in  the Gospels tells us ..exactly how: "Keep the commandments, give to the poor, live the beatitudes, deny yourselves, take up your cross and come follow Me." 

I think that to summarize all these, "Fiat" is a good word to remember. 

Mary, already holy and full of grace, by her Fiat, was the first saint. She was the first disciple. She subjected herself to the will of God in her entire life.

In the Lord's prayer which Jesus Himself taught us to pray, there is the "Fiat voluntas tua." Thy will be done.

Note: Not my will be done, but God's will be done.

When Jesus said: "Take up your cross daily and come,  follow Me," we just respond: Fiat. Fiat voluntas tua. Thy will be done, whatever it takes . . . in my life.

Our Fiat is not a car.  It is a statement of our Faith.

Like Mary's Fiat made her carry Jesus in her womb, our Fiat is what will make us carry Jesus in our hearts. It is what will make us share Jesus in our hearts with others.

Holiness, or sanctity, does not mean "warm and fuzzy feelings." It is what will carry us, with God's grace, through the joys and trials of life.

It is our Fiat, manifested by our desire and commitment to do God's will in our lives, whatever it takes, that will make us holy and become saints!#

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