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"Sino Ako?"

(Who Am I?)

I have attended many funeral Masses at Saint Columba, our parish. The Church calls this "Mass of Christian Burial," a celebration of the life of the dear one who has passed on from this earthly life to the next.

The coming together of family and friends before the mortal remains of the departed one to show sympathy on their loss is also an occasion for all to think again about who we are, and the meaning of life and death.

In some cases, people get to choose what songs they would like sung at their own funeral Mass. Easily a favorite one is the Tagalog song "Sino Ako?" composed by Fr. Jose S. Castaneda. The song is simple but has a clear message. The message keeps our feet firmly on the ground while at the same time helps us set our sights heavenward.

"Sino Ako" is a perfect meditation song. The lyrics lend themselves to reflecting on who I am, Who created me, and where I am going. The melody is melancholic but peacefully touching. One can sing it by himself as a prayer. It is a prayer that can lead us to feel our deepest longing, and is thereby a gentle reminder that we are to spend our lives loving. No wonder it is also a favorite karaoke song.

If one has expressed his desire that this song be sung at his funeral Mass, it is, I think, a way of that loved one talking or singing to us as we bid him farewell going back to the Author of Life, hopefully after he has done his best to know, to love and to serve Him during that borrowed life.

Sino Ako? (Who Am I?)

1. Our life is borrowed from God

You and I are mere gifts

I did not desire that I be born

But I am grateful for life.

2. It is my joy to be born

Because every man has dignity

Who has love? Who can love?

If not man who comes from God!


If I do not love

If I do not value this as a gift

My life that is borrowed from God

If I do not love, then who am I?

Who am I?

"Sino Ako?"

The answer is given through this song, and much more, that we are all made in the image and likeness of God Who is Love, and Who wants us to love one another.#

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