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"If You Love Your Mom . . ."

After the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mass last night, a parishioner told me an office mate of hers asked her why Catholics worship Mary. She said she answered: "No, we don't. But we love and honor her."

I said: "Correct answer." Then I said to her:

"If you love your own mom, how can you not love Jesus' mom?

If you don't love your mom, how can you love Jesus' mom?

If Jesus loved His mom, how can you not love Jesus' mom?

If you do not love Jesus' mom, how can you say you love Jesus?

Jesus loved His mom. He was a good son. He followed the 4th commandment.

He performed His first miracle even if it was not yet the proper time. But He did it . . . for her.

Hanging from the cross, Jesus made sure she would be taken care of. She entrusted her to John. "Woman, behold your son." And to John He said: "Son, behold your mother!" John represented all of us. Jesus gave her mom to be also our mom.

His mom was with Him all the way -- when she carried Him in her womb, until the time He ascended into heaven. She is there in Holy Scripture -- from Genesis to Revelation.

When she had spent her earthly life, Jesus brought His mom, body and soul into heaven. She did not leave her alone.

Jesus was a good Son, the Perfect Son.

Jesus, Mary's son, is Divine, meaning, God. He was conceived in Mary's womb by the Holy Spirit. He is God the Son Incarnate. We worship Him.

Jesus created His mom. She was a human, a creature of God. We do not worship her. But we honor her and love her. She points us to her Son.

Because Jesus honored her and loved her first.

If we love and worship Jesus, we should love and honor His mother. But we do not worship her. Only God is worshiped.

As simple as that! Your office mate should be able to understand it. But only if he is sincerely seeking the truth!"#

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