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Lynne Broke An Angel

As my daughter Lianne and her four children were leaving after a visit, we heard Lynne, my granddaughter who is in first grade, suddenly cry loudly. She had accidentally brushed an angel figurine as she was getting to her shoes to put on and it broke into three pieces on the floor.

Finding out why, my daughter Lily, picked Lynne up and embraced her, saying, "It's okay, Lynne. It's not your fault. It's an accident." And I chimed in, "It's okay, Lynne. It's just a figurine. You are much more important than that."

The next visit, Lynne saw the same figurine, whole and entire on the same spot. Grandma had had the pieces glued together but there was no sign of the repair.

When Lynne asked Grandma how she fixed it, she said, "It's magic," and she picked her up and lovingly hugged her.

Grandma loves all her grandchildren and she expresses this love in so many palpable ways. Her grandchildren are her medicine when she feels the aches and pains of her arthritis and diabetes. Their presence makes her extremely happy. Lynne, for one, would shriek and flail her little arms in excitement as she sought Grandma on her recliner. Many a time, she would just sit beside Grandma while she held her favorite toy and converse with her. Grandma gives her and each of the rest of her grandchildren undivided attention whenever they come.

It is said that we know the truth and reality of God's own love for us from what we experience of people like Mommy and Daddy and Grandma loving us. Since God is Love Himself, we can get some notion of how great this love of God for us must be.

God manifested this by sending His Son to even die on the cross so He could show this love to us without the possibility of us doubting it.

Lynne accidentally broke a figurine angel. Grandma picked up the pieces and put them all back together.

When we break something of God, God sees our weakness and when we cry to Him in repentance He picks up the pieces and places us in His loving arms.

Lynne, who accidentally broke a figurine angel, is much much more of an angel to us. And we all love this angel.

Much, very much . . . to high heavens!

And so does God loves us . . . from high heavens!

And it is only proper and fitting that we love Him in return!

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