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It's Not Simply Piety

The private high school I went to in my native country over fifty years ago was non-sectarian, but we were encouraged to practice our faith as Catholics, which most faculty members and students there were.

In my high school we had a publication "The Silver Star." In one issue a student writer had an article which concluded with the words: " . . . and the pious went to Mass."

During those times society and the world were not complicated. Conflict and division were rare and hardly noticeable. We were at peace.

Unlike now . . . at these times.

Which set me thinking: What is most important in life? . . . even more than this world?

Is it not eternal life? Are we not supposed to have this as the raison d'etre, the reason for our being?

It's not just piety. It is becoming saints in this life. It is becoming future citizens of heaven. . . where there will be no more tears in our eyes . . . where we will see God face to face.

I just watched on YouTube a homily of a prominent archbishop of the Church at Mary's Shrine in Washington, D.C. on this particular topic: "We are all called to be saints."

I savored it. I was touched by it. I think you also will be.

It is not just about piety. It is about something more . . . much much more! #

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