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In These Dark and Tumultuous Times . . .

In these dark and perilous times, made darker by the scandal involving some unfaithful clergy, a sermon from a holy priest and great saint, Saint John Marie Vianney, who lived more than 230 years ago, comes like a ray of light piercing the darkness.

We need all our priests and bishops without exception to be faithful to their vocation and be holy so they can be examples to us of how to live holy lives . . . in this dark and perilous world where forces of good and evil are at war more intensely than ever.

Here is a sermon of St. John Vianney. It may help us navigate the dark and perilous waters in our own voyage to the shores of eternal life:

"If people would do for God what they do for the world, my dear people, what a great number of Christians would go to Heaven! But if you, dear children, had to pass three or four hours praying in a church, as you pass them at a dance or in a cabaret, how heavily the time would press upon you!

If you had to go to a great many different places in order to hear a sermon, as you go for your pastimes or to satisfy your avarice and greed, what pretexts there would be, and how many detours would be taken to avoid going at all. But nothing is too much trouble when done for the world.

What is more, people are not afraid of losing either God or their souls or Heaven. With what good reason did Jesus Christ, my dear people, say that the children of this world are more zealous in serving their master, the world, than the children of light are in serving theirs, who is God.

To our shame, we must admit that people fear neither expense, nor even going into debt, when it is a matter of satisfying their pleasures, but if some poor person asks them for help, they have nothing at all. This is true of so many: they have everything for the world and nothing at all for God because to them, the world is everything and God is nothing." #

God, have mercy on us, Your people!

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