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The Love of a Mother

A mother’s love is unconditional, self-sacrificing and never gives up. It is our mothers who loved us first. They carried us in their wombs for nine months or so, experiencing physical, emotional and biological changes and discomfort. It is only a mother who actually knows the travails and pains of giving birth to child. It is only a mother who knows and feels, after all these pains, the love oozing from her heart when her newborn child, fresh from her womb, is put on her chest and receives from her a loving welcome into this world.

Together with the father, the mother experiences sleepless nights caring for and nurturing her child especially when the child is sick, and in most cases nowadays, shares the responsibility of her husband to provide the material needs of the growing child, without question or complaint. In some cases, the mother bears this responsibility alone.

I think that the most beautiful thing that God ever created is a mother. And He commands us to honor her.

God, who is Love Himself, gave us mothers to show to us concretely what love is. All these qualities of a mother’s love are a foretaste, surely a dim reflection, of God’s tender and untiring love for us. We can realize how tremendous God’s love for us must be because we have seen and experienced from our mothers what it means to love.

Let us not forget the Mother of all, Mary, the mother of Jesus, whom He gave to us to bring us to her Divine Son.


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