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The Saga of Alfie, Tom and Kate

Some animals are more humane than some humans.

Tom and Kate Evans are more human than other men. These men have appropriated unto themselves the prerogative that belongs to God alone.These men are supposed to heal and protect human life. Or at least to be fair when they have failed to provide a cure. But instead, they became judges of a death panel.

Their words of "best interest of the child" are deceptive, and "authoritativeness" at best.

Tom and Kate just wanted to give their dear child another chance at life. If they believed that there is hope for their child in another hospital, they should have been accorded their parental right. This right those other people and institutions took away.If Tom and Kate believed that a miracle is possible, they should have been respected and honored for that belief. That did not cost those other people anything, except possibly their pride.

The Pope, other governments, and a host of supporters worldwide are willing and anxious to give them that chance.Miracles are possible. History has proven that."Tying the hands of God" or preempting Him is pride and arrogance.But God has the last say in all this.For God .is Love and Mercy. He is also just.#

Updates on Alfie (4-28-18):The hospital authorities and the UK courts never allowed Alfie to be taken to Italy to be seen and treated at the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome despite appeals of Pope Francis, the Italian authorities and the President of Poland and of people around the world.

On April 28 at 2:30 a.m. Alfie died.

The parents Tom and Kate were heartbroken.

The world was outraged.

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