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"OK Google," "Hey Alexa!"

In my childhood (and that was many, many years ago), we did not have even a rotary phone at home. There was no need for us to have one at that time.

At that time, there were no wireless phone handsets either, and no smartphones you can bring anywhere to communicate with others.

In my childhood, my brothers and friends made our own play phones. We took a pair of empty milk tin cans, joined them with a piece of cotton string as long as 25 feet, positioned ourselves outside so that the strings would be taut, and we would talk to and listen to each other on our "phones." (They worked! :-) )

But that was for play. And as young boys we enjoyed our tin phones immensely.

Much later, came real wireless phones of different sizes. Then smart phones which can do a lot of things more than to use as a communication device. These smart phones are so smart that you can use your voice to command this device to do many things for you like answer some questions, play music you want, and search for information, etc.

Now there are voice-controlled remote speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo with virtual assistants, one is called Alexa, that you can talk to and command to make phone calls, set your alarm, set your schedule, turn off the lights, go to a radio station, and more.

The internet has opened vast avenues for communication world-wide, and the development of artificial intelligence technology has grown by leaps and bounds that it is so incredible that such possibilities can even exist.

Now, you do not even have to press a key to call your friends. All you have to do is command your phone to connect you.

Saying "Ok Google," or "Hey Alexa" can do many things for you.

But one thing we must never fail to say often in our life is: "Hello God." We can talk with Him without need for a device or a gadget. God can answer all questions you may ask. He can do many things that will be good for you. He can give you many things that you need. Best of all, He is always with you and wants you to be with Him.

At the end of the day, or our lives, we do not want to be with Google Home or with Amazon Echo, or with Alexa.

But we want to be with God. He is the Intelligence that designed and holds the universe in existence. He is the Source of all knowledge that makes for new technologies by inventors and scientists. He is the God of Love that cares for you.

Communicating with God is called prayer. If we believe in Him, we need to maintain this communication with Him all the time. We must be men and women of prayer.

"Hello, God!" #

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