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A Story to Tell, A Book to Write

I was looking for a book this morning, and searched for it on my book shelves and huge plastic bins. It took me some time to find it.

Over the years I have accumulated hundreds of books and built a fair-sized library. My titles vary from philosophy to theology, to Church history and liturgy, to apologetics and prayer and spirituality, to classic works and autobiographies and lives of saints, and more.

It is not only book stores like Barnes and Noble, and Amazon that sell books. Even at food stores like BJs and Costco there are tables and tables with piles of books of different genres and by different authors waiting to be bought and read.

Have you ever thought of writing a book? It may not be a far-fetched idea. It may not be something impossible to accomplish either. All you have to have is a story to tell, and the desire to share your story, with or without the help of others.

We all have our own stories to tell. St. Augustine in his “Confessions” told his story. Thomas Merton in his “Seven-Storey Mountain” told his story. Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (the life of Christ as you may have correctly guessed). Books and movies tell stories of people, many inspiring, many worth knowing, many worth learning from.

Each one of us is making and writing our life story. It is still an unfinished story. We are the principal character or actor/actress in it. The supporting cast is our family and friends and people we come in contact with. It is our own story, different from those of others, but exhibiting manifestations of our common humanity.

Our story may not necessarily see print or told in a book or acted out in a movie. But for sure it is our book and no one else's. It is a book that will be put in the huge library out there of books telling the story of all men and women who have lived, are still living, and will live on this planet earth.

May your book and each and everyone's book have a happy ending. May they be among those books cataloged and recorded in the Book of Life.#

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