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What's in your wallet? . . . What's in your pocket?

I remember seeing a TV commercial of a bank promoting an improved version of their credit card. The commercial began and ended with the catch words: "What's in your wallet?'

I also remember a very good friend of mine who worked with me in a company a long time ago. His back pocket bulged with his wallet (almost 2 inches thick) because it contained not only cash and credit cards and his driver's license but lots of receipts which he would use to liquidate official company expenses. We would tease him that his wallet looked like an "aparador" (a cabinet).

What do we also keep in our wallet? As for me I keep photos of members of my family. This is a sign of my love for them. We keep only important stuff there, stuff that we need and mean something to us.

But what do we carry in our pockets? Maybe they include some loose change, or a hanky.

If you were to ask a member of the Knights of Columbus (an organization for Catholic gentlemen) what he carries in one of his pockets, he would most probably say: my rosary. All Knights are supposed to carry the rosary in their pockets and pray it daily.

The Rosary is Saint John Paul II's favorite prayer. He kept a rosary in his pocket. He had it in his pocket when he was shot at St. Peter's square in 1981. He believed that our Lord and our Lady protected him from death.

Father Patrick Peyton promoted praying the Rosary throughout the world with the slogan: "The family that prays together stays together." It's true.

The Rosary is not simply a meaningless repetitive recitation. Pope St. John XXIII stated that the Rosary is a summary of the whole of the Gospel. It is a prayer where we meditate on the events and mysteries of the life of our Lord Jesus at the same time reciting the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. Our Lady in many of her apparitions tells us to pray the Rosary, for families, for peace in the world, and for the salvation of souls.

Saint Augustine asserted: “He who prays well lives well; he who lives well dies well; and he who dies well, all is well.”

Do you keep a rosary in your pocket and pray it daily?

If so, it is an identification of you as one who loves the Lord and His Blessed Mother. It will bring you to desire a greater closeness with God. And it will make you a man of prayer, like Jesus was. You will be on the road to holiness . . . to becoming a saint.

What can be better than that?#

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