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I Have Two Mothers in Heaven

I have two mothers in heaven. They were both given by God to me.

The first is Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus. Because Jesus is both God and Man, and she gave birth to Him, she is rightfully called Mother of God. Jesus gave her to me (and to us all) as our mother, when He was suffering in agony on the cross: "Behold your mother!" Jesus loves His mother more than any one of us can. When I love Mary, it means I love her Son. She always points us to her Divine Son.

The other mother Jesus gave me is my mom, who carried me in her womb for nine months and brought me into this world and watched over me through the years. She loved me and sacrificed a lot for me. I'm sure Jesus loves my mom and He knows how much she loved us, her children. Like Mary, she pointed me to Jesus. I love her.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Today also I remember the birthday of my mom. She would have been 107 if she were alive today. But that's okay. She deserves her reward.

Mothers are special. Our Blessed Mother is very special because God chose her to be the mother of His Incarnate Son. My earthly mother is also special to me because God chose her to be my mother.

To my two mothers in heaven: Please pray for me and for the people who are dear to me. Some day, in God's own time, I hope to be with you, forever glorifying God Who, in His infinite graciousness and love, gave you both to me.#

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