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Two Fridays

It took me quite some time to get parking at the Tanger outlet where shoppers swarmed, eager to get big bargains and "save" money. It's Black Friday. At other outlets, malls and big stores since last night you see a lot of people in their winter coats and jackets carrying bags and bags of goodies: clothes, shoes, toys, electronic gadgets and other nice stuff. They all have a happy look on their faces as they come out of shops, some with their little kids. Black Friday, like Thanksgiving Day, the great American national holiday, is an institution in the U.S.A. And if you reside here, chances are you just imbibe it, and you become part of the great shopping spree. There is another Friday of the year, also an institution by itself but earthwide and for over twenty centuries now. It is called "Good Friday." You do not get a lot of big deals on Good Friday. You are offered just one great deal. It is the deal between the Son and the Father to redeem mankind by His sufferings, death and resurrection. The savings here are not from the bargain prices you pay. What is saved is your soul. All you have to do is to love the Dealer and accept His terms. "If you love Me keep My commandments . . . " On Good Friday, you don't carry money and credit cards. You carry little crosses and you follow Him to the place where He carried His and gave His life for you. That life He gave you don't carry in bags. He puts it directly in your soul. And having that life, you then share it with others. And that gives you joy in your heart. Come next Good Friday will people troop to churches like many do to stores on Black Friday?#

"I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly." (John 10:10)

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