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Reflections on a Harvest of Persimmons

This year my sole persimmon tree in my backyard bore more fruits than I expected. In previous years the voles and squirrels feasted on the young fruits and left nothing for me.

Today I harvested 8 big ripe fruits. I have counted over 25 more still ripening on the tree. We cannot eat them all. And so there are lots of fruits to share. Next year I hope there will be a lot more.

The prolificness of my persimmon tree made me realize even more that God gives us generously from His bounty, more than what we need, and so whatever He gives is not meant for us alone. They are meant to be shared with others who do not have enough or do not have any at all. The Church calls it stewardship. We are supposed to put in the service of others part of the material blessings and wealth we receive and are entrusted to us. No man ever created a persimmon tree. It is given to him to plant and to let grow and fruit on its own. Since he did not make it but only tends it, he can not claim all the fruit as his own.

That is the reason why Jesus said "If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?" 1 John 3:17

Elsewhere in Scriptures John (the Baptist) said to his followers, “Whoever has two tunics should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise.” Luke 3:11

Many of us plant crops and fruit trees in their yards and they give a lot of produce, much more than they can consume. I think that this is God's subtle way to tell us that we must share.

Today many sectors including government say the world is close to being overpopulated and people should control reproductive capabilities and instincts through contraception and abortion. The Malthusian theory of geometric increase of population has been found to be wrong. On the other hand, some people have argued that the problem is not overpopulation but the refusal or unwillingness of those who have much to share what they have with those who have so little or none.

There are many ways of sharing God's gifts to us with others. Each one in varying degrees has been given the gift, not only of treasure, but also time and talent.

Scripture is very clear that at the Last Judgement we will be judged specifically on what we did in relation to our brothers and sisters in need. For whatever we do to and for them, we do to and for Christ.

Tomorrow, I will give the persimmons I harvested today to some people who can appreciate it. When the rest on the tree ripen, I can have more to enjoy and to share.#

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