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A Broken Peach Tree Branch

Heal it or cut it completely?

My lone peach tree in my backyard has been bearing copious luscious fruit each year for the past five years. For the most part, I have been in competition with voles and squirrels which are able to climb the branches and take some of the fruit.

I was going around the backyard one day and noticed that my prized peach tree had a broken branch. The branch was still partly connected to the tree though. The damage could have have been the the result of strong storm winds the previous day, or the carelessness of the grass cutter who mows my yard. But whatever was the cause, I was faced with a decision to make: Should I just cut off the branch completely and throw it away, or try to mend it? Maybe if I decide to wrap duct tape around it, put a splinter and hold it up with a string, it will eventually heal and produce fruit the next season.

Working alone in my backyard, either gardening, or checking on my plants and the apple and persimmon trees is always a time for reflection and thinking. This is what some people refer to as "communing with nature, and God Who is the creator of nature."

God is the Supreme Gardener. In the Garden of Eden, His first human creatures were damaged by the Serpent, the Evil One, who tried to cut off their relationship with their Creator. God could have just driven them out of the Garden and abandoned them entirely and let them die, but He did not. He gave them a second chance and promised to save them and restore their relationship with Him, that is, to reconcile humanity with God. At the opportune time, the Savior came into the world.

Scripture says: "God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him." John 3:17

Such is the relationship the Almighty and Merciful God has with us. And even after our sins and transgression, He offers countless opportunities for us to be in His good graces again. And if we can take the cue from the Divine example, we will not completely cut off relationships we have with one another, relationships damaged by our human weakness and limitations, but tirelessly take all efforts to mend and fix them.

That is, after all, what makes us true followers of Christ.#

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