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An Encounter with Maryan

Or: A Little Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

I was picking up some food orders from this carry out restaurant (Kabayan) and as I was preparing to take them to my car, I took one of the trays and meant to go back for the other one in order not to risk one falling from my hands if I carried them both at once. A Filipino woman who was there to order food saw me and asked: "Would you like me to carry the other tray for you to your car?"

My car was just in front of the restaurant and so it was not really a big deal making a second trip. I said: "You are so kind." Thinking that she might be a fellow parishioner, I asked her: "Do you know me?" She replied: "No, but I am used to doing similar things at my work in the housekeeping department at a National Harbor hotel."

Impressed with her gesture since I rarely encounter such offers of help from strangers, I agreed and thanked her and asked for her name. "Maryan," she replied. "You are welcome." And she gave a big smile.

Maryan's offer was a little act of kindness; it was not something I could not myself do, but I could not help but be touched by it . . . and appreciate it a lot.

I believe each of us should be like Maryan -- being open and ready to helping others, especially those who are in real need. And this is simply because we are all brothers and sisters loved by the God who made us and Who has been showing us His kindness in our lives all the time.

What little thing Maryan did for me that day reminded me once again about the beauty of caring, of charity, of kindness, in whatever way, however simply, it may be expressed.

I'm sure Maryan also felt good about what she did that day even if it did not cost much to her to do what she did. Probably being kind has become second nature to her. But to me that simple act of kindness is an example, a witnessing to the kindness of the Lord, Whom I should follow.

St. Francis said: "Preach the Gospel. If necessary, use words."

Maryan definitely preached the Gospel to me that day. She did not use any words. But her preaching was effective. #


"Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

" Lord, you are good and forgiving, abounding in kindness to all who call upon you." Psalm 86

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