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Father's Day

Whenever I stand at the church door greeting people at the end of Sunday Mass in my deacon vestments, there are always a few Mass goers who greet me "Father." And instinctively I say "Deacon." To some parishioners who still say "Father, " I say, "Yes, that is also correct, for I am a father," and we both laugh. Father's Day is celebrated in America this coming weekend, in honor of and thanksgiving to fathers who have sacrificed for and loved their children so much and, of course, those who are still doing and will be doing the same. Looking back to my own life as father of my own family I can relate to fathers out there who daily provide for their children and give them full love and care. Of course, I also remember my own father (may he rest in peace), who taught me by example how to be a good father.

To all fathers, those who have become grandfathers, and those who act as fathers, and to priests who are spiritual fathers, I say: Happy Father's Day!! The title "father" carries with it such a great significance because God Himself is Father, a Father that provides for us and loves us so much that He gave His Only Begotten Son Jesus to us to save us from our sins and bring us to His home. Another way to express John 3:16, the gospel reading for today (Trinity Sunday). May God, our Father help us earthly fathers of our children to provide our children not only physical bread, but also the bread of spiritual guidance, so that we and our children can go to our Father Who is in heaven and be with Him with the Son and the Holy Spirit in glory forever.#

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