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"Peregrinantur, Rusticantur" -- We Are All Pilgrims

Sometimes in quiet moments some memories, or even just words, pop up into our consciousness. "Peregrinantur", "Rusticantur" -- These are words from one of the classic writings of the Roman philosopher/orator Cicero which we, as seminarians, studied in our Latin Poetry and Rhetoric class many many years ago. Once they all of a sudden came back to mind. "Peregrinantur" in simple English means "going on a pilgrimage, while "rusticantur" means "going to/living in the countryside" . . . and in both, enjoying it. Some are blessed to go on pilgrimages, like to the Holy Land, or Fatima, or Lourdes, or tracing the missionary journeys of St. Paul, or on other foreign trips, etc. Similarly, some are allured by the call of the mountains, or forests, or quiet beaches to find joy in communing with nature and creation, and reflecting on their role in it, leading them to contemplate its Creator. Are we not all on a pilgrimage called "life," where we encounter people journeying with us, where we experience struggles, challenges, rewards, laughter and even tears? Also, in the hustle and bustle of daily activities don't we often find ourselves seeking quiet moments, to be able to look into our inner selves and to communicate with God in peaceful silence? At the end of each pilgrimage or trip we make we always have to come back home. But the pilgrimage of life takes place only once and its duration we do not know. But one thing is sure: at its end we have to go back home. There is really no place like home. Home is where our treasure is. Home is where our heart is. If we have made this earthly journey with Jesus, and God is in our heart, then our home is in God and with God. We need to go back to that home . . . in the heart of the Father, to dwell with Him. Always. For eternity. Forever.#


"Our hearts are made for You, O God, and they will be restless until they rest in You!" -- St. Augustine's Confessions

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