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As Residents of the Plain, We Need to Go to the Mountain - A Reflection on the Transfiguration

We need to go to the mountain to refresh us and assure us of what we are going to be. This is where we receive the Father’s admonition: “Listen to Him.”

For God speaks to us, in the plain – in our pain, in suffering, in conflicts.

And in our pain and conflicts, we have the strength, because we have experienced Him and seen His glory on the mountain. And this gives us hope.

Jesus brought the 3 disciples with Him on the mountain – for them to have a glimpse of Who He is, and thus strengthen them when they go back to the plain – to see Him suffer and die.

We are nourished and get inspiration on the mountain. When we go down to the plain, we can spread that inspiration. The world has its own values – of materialism, power, egoism, selfishness. Those are not the values Christ wants us to have.

We experience the struggles of life in the plain. But God speaks to us: in our pain, conflicts, etc. We as followers of Christ bear our cross, but just as Christ suffered and died, and then resurrected and ascended to heaven, so shall we. We shall also be transfigured in the end.

That is Christ's promise.#

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