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What, Me Worry?

The beautiful reading for this Sunday from the Gospel of Matthew about Our Lord’s admonition not to worry about our life’s needs brings to my mind the picture of the grinning Alfred E. Neuman, the iconic character in the satirical, funny MAD magazine, with the caption “What, Me Worry?”

The Lord’s words are very clear: We should not worry about food, drink and clothing. He points to the birds of the air who are fed even without sowing and reaping. And to the wild flowers in the fields who do not work nor spin but exude beauty that not even King Solomon’s best clothes can compare with.

But we should not stop at that part of the Gospel reading and tell ourselves to just not worry because Jesus assures us that all our needs will be provided by our Heavenly Father.

Our not worrying or being anxious should be the effect or the result of what we need to do first, and that is, "to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness," to always choose God above all things, be it money, power, pleasure and all that money can buy.

Often when I watch news about storms, flooding, and other calamities in the Philippines, the tragedy does not show in their faces and in their voices when they are interviewed. On the contrary, they show acceptance of what they are going through but with hope that their problems will eventually be solved. People who experience setbacks, sufferings, and hardships in their lives tend to turn to and seek solace from Him Who they know love them. And they abide by the hope that their tomorrow will be made brighter by the One Who loves them. In a way, sufferings and hardships can be viewed as moments of grace and opportunities to live by faith and enhance it by getting close to the Source of all blessings. You see them flocking to churches and praying, while going on with their lives.

Refraining from worrying is not the first and only step to deal with life's demands. It is the result of seeking God first. When we do God’s will and make Him the priority and center of our lives, He will not fail us. This He assures us.

I think many have found this to be true in their lives. I know. It has happened to me, in my life. And trust in Him Who loves me continues. No worries! #


"Set your hearts first on the kingdom of God, and on keeping his commandments, and then all these other things will be given you as well" Mt 6:33

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