How Much Is A Penny Worth?

"It's $7.99," the cashier at the take-out food store said to me. I gave her eight dollar bills for the food and said, "Okay," and proceeded to leave without waiting for the one-cent change and my receipt. "Okay," she replied, not bothering to offer me my change. One time, as I got off my car in the parking lot, I saw a couple of pennies glaring at me right on the ground where I alighted. They were probably there for a long time, and no one bothered to pick them up. I did not pick them up, either. Two weeks before, while in line for coffee and donuts at the airport, I saw a man who had just paid for his coffee and donuts holding also his change of bills and coins. A few little red coins drop

"It's On Me" -- Somewhere in Orlando, Florida

We were paying for our order of coffee and donuts at a Dunkin Donuts fast food restaurant somewhere in Orlando, Florida, when the man behind the cash register said: "It's okay. It's on me." He had a smile on his face. "You are kidding, right?" I said. "No, I 'm not," he replied, still smiling. I was surprised. "But why?" I asked. "I just remembered my grandmother, who was confined in the ICU of a hospital and suffered a lot. I hope your loved one gets well soon," he explained. Probably sensing my bewilderment, he pointed to the hospital visitor's pass still stuck on our shirts. The name of the hospital was in big, bold letters. He was obviously familiar with it. We had just visited my serio