My Mom's Little Prayer Books

My mom and dad lived in two "epochs" of the Church: pre- and post-Vatican II. My parents raised us in that old Church tradition when Mass was in Latin and people brought their thick missals to follow the liturgy in English or Tagalog, and the priest faced the tabernacle at the main altar. Then women still wore veils to cover their heads and shoulders. Holy Communion was distributed only by the priest and on the tongue to communicants kneeling before altar rails. It was a time when altar boys were only boys. My mom died in a foreign country just a few years after I saw her for the last time on her visit to us in our home country. She was waked and buried by all her children, except me, who g

Home is where . . .

The first time I was away from home for a long time was when I left for the seminary only about three hours by bus away. I knew I would come home only once a year for a month's vacation and maybe a week at Christmas. The first several months I felt very homesick. I even found myself making a sketch of the rooms in the house and thinking of happy times with my mom and dad and my siblings. I missed my home terribly for a couple of years until I eventually got used to it. When I became a family man the daily yearning to come home after work was always there. I realized that home is where your loved ones are.  Home is where your treasures are. When I  first went on a cruise with my wife, I reali

A Tale of a King and His Men

Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a king who was also a top-rate city planner, architect, and engineer. The king's plans included developing many huge new cities with beautiful buildings, housing and other amenities for his rapidly expanding kingdom. To implement his plans and projects, he assigned a project manager for each new proposed city whose sole duty was to make sure that the construction proceeded according to the plans without any impediment. The king provided all the skilled foremen and workers who knew how to read and execute the paper plans and designs. The king also made available all the needed materials including steel bars, lumber, cement, nails, etc., and all

Wendell Black

I do not know much about the family of Wendell Black except that at his advanced age he was taking care of an adult son whom he often brought to Church events, and that other family members lived with him. But I think that the little I know about him outside church, seeing him often in our parish and at church activities, is enough to make me say that Wendell was a good and holy man. I say "was" because Wendell quietly passed away two weeks ago. His funeral Mass will be celebrated on Tuesday at noon after wake services the night before. I am sure that a lot of fellow parishioners and his friends will be there. However, I should really have said "is" because I believe that the goodness or gr